I am currently a PhD student working in the field of environmental science and hydrology. I will use hydrological modelling to understand which variables of the abiotic environment in mountain aquatic ecosystems impact amphibian health.

With this blog I want to help myself think about my thesis. Apart from exploring my subject, I would like to reflect on the thinking and writing process, the methods and styles of academic writing and the communication of research results. An additional focus will be my personal experience of the immersion into the world of research and the process of going through the ups and downs of the PhD candidature. Among the many things I want to think and write about are the finding and sustaining of motivation, work habits or self-care.

There is lots of good reading and inspiration on these subjects out there that I never hoped to find until I started to search for it.

In short, I’d like to share with you my growing enthousiasm about my research and about the learning and writing process in general!