Blog the PhD – and where it all began for me

Why am I writing a blog about my thesis? Writing has for a long time already been a tool to get a grip on myself, to sort out my thoughts or feelings. When I could not figure out complicated stuff, I started writing about the problem. It helps to settle  my mind and prevents me from running in circles. My thesis feels like an overwhelming thing to do. What got me started with this blog was the rising level of anxiety after working for several months with lots of reading and a bit of writing, but without much to show to anyone concerned or interested. I started to feel guilty of doing nothing (even though I worked a lot) and feared I would not be up for this adventure.

Strolling through the web, I first stumbled upon the incredibly resource- and helpful blog The Thesis Whisperer . From there, I moved on to blogs of other PhD students. I got increasingly excited, because I understood that I found a way of expression which was talking to me. Writing a blog post produces an instant visible result, in contrast to most of my current days in the office. I feel a lot of freedom in creating a text here, as I don’t have to stick to any rules such as those that exist in academic writing. However, I will have to think about written expression in another way for my blog. This means I will be cultivating a language that is different to the one I will be using for my dissertation. I will also practice my written English. It’s great to look at my learning and writing as a visual, lively process and not only as an alignment of text documents and data analysis results that I have to tie together to a final manuscript.

Learn, share, connect. Blogging about my Ph.D. will force me to think about how I will make my subject accessible to other people. This is very important and I will enjoy to explore the different ways to communicate my research. Hopefully, this will be a place for exchange and discussions about my work and the opportunity to connect with the interested public and research community.

According to the academic “blogosphere”, blogging can be a fruitful exercise during your PhD, here two posts and a video to get you motivated to get started on a weblog too:

Blogging helps academic writing

Blogging your way to a PhD

How (and why) to write a blog


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